Swelatie has independently participated in NSC nine times. During NSC 16 and NSC 17, Swelatie participated with Mooseland in the merged country Swelatian Moose. In time for NSC 18, they became two independent nations again.

NSC 10 Edit

For the debut in NSC for Swelatie, Svelonia Muzïkafestával was introduced as the NF to determine what song would represent Swelatie at their first try. Beating out both Delta Goodrem and Rachel Stevens, Sugababes won with the song 'Too Lost In You' that were send first for the Microstate Qualification, then proceeded to the Semi-Final where it came in 9th place, earning the group a spot in the final where they ended up 19th.

NSC 11 Edit

The NF was once again used to choose the Swelatian NSC entry, and this time it was a NF with only one artist performing three songs. This singer was Shiri Maimon, and the duet with Ran Danker called 'Kama Koh Yesh Lelev Shavur' won over 'Ad Shetavin Oti' and 'Ksheat Atzuva' and earned the right to represent Swelatie at NSC 11. At first, the song didn't qualify from the MQ, but since three countries were banned from the contest, Swelatie got through but only came in 21th place in the semi-final.

NSC 12 Edit

For this edition, the NF had been removed and instead an internal selection decided the NSC 12 entry. The song chosen was Esen vo mene by Elena Risteska, and since Swelatie had been promoted into a full country, she could take part in the semi immidiately. However, she only reached 20th place and was therefor not eligible to participate in the final.

NSC 13 Edit

Once again the NF was removed, and the interal selection took part in three large cities in Swelatie, with 20 different people from each city that were chosen to decide the song to represent Swelatie at the upcoming NSC. After many doubts, Carrie Underwood was finally chosen with the song So Small that reached 10th place in both semi-final and final, giving Swelatie the best placement to this date.

NSC 14 Edit

For this edition, Swelatie was for the first time directly qualified to the final. And this time an internal selection would once again choose the song to represent Swelatie. At the end, the choice was John Lennon with the beautiful song Imagine, which ended up in 10th place, making Swelatie directly qualified again for the NSC 15 final.

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