De facto flag of the Wasteland. No flag has ever been officially adopted.

The Wasteland is a rugged desert on the northern continent without natural inhabitants. Politically it is considered a part of Ugaly, but the Ugly government mostly disregards it. It's the leftover of what all of the Ugly territory used to be several thousand years ago, rugged and uninhabitable.

While no native population exists, as of recently the area is used by many criminal organizations for smuggling illegal goods, borders to Maccha-Brugia, Tír an Abhainn and Astique all existing in it. This has forced the Ugly government to take military action, and they now struggle to protect the borders. While most inhabited areas are small criminal bases or military outposts, an actual town exists to the east called Pleasegate. This town houses a military base and an airstrip for direct communications with western Ugaly.

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