Nation Song Contest

Country Information

Motto : Courage,Truth,Strengh

Official Language: French

Capital and biggest city Vauban(named after famous french architect),Two times Host city of summer Olympics.

Religion: No official religion,every citizen is free to choose his religion since 1400 years. State Leader King:Hugo XIV. Prime Minister:Marie Poulain.

Demography 923 471 km² 23 473 140 hab. Facts: The country is composed of three big islands"ichigo","nami" and "conan" Most of the cities have underwater part,and the national sports are the water polo and swimming. People use the sea but respect it,Tohru is one of the greenest countries in the world.Ecology is very important to the citizens. The nation know for this influence of french music now dream to enter the NS

History in NSC

Tohru entered NSC for the first time in Alinta where the 21th Nation Song Contest took place.

Tina Arena was the country first participant and acheive a fantastic 4 th place after leading the contest at some point.

The country had a chaotic history with NSC, withdrawing and coming back several times.

It earned mixed results, having only achieving 3 top ten in theirs history, but on 2 of them were victories.

They were Jennifer's Si c'est une ile who won the 30th contest in Scorpiona with 219 points

& Nolwenn Leroy's Tri Matelod who won the 65 th edition hosted by Ugaly with 201 points.

Concidenly, the country had the same draw both times number 2 in the semi & 13 in the final.

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