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UZI is a group of tiny islands that lies in the Western part of the NSC world.

UZI registered as a waiting list nation on October 12, 2008. Currently it still remains in the waiting list.

The country's name is acronym of Uranium Zing Islands. The country is rich on uranium mines. UZI exports uranium to other NSC nations, also it supplies local nuclear station and University of Nuclear Technologies.

UZI consists of 5 little deserted islands and 1 big city-island.

The capital city of UZI is Reznorburg named in the honour of a mystic pagan idol Trent Reznor. It's famous for its scientific researches, huge sea port, different industrial plants and giant levee.

UZI collects votes of all waiting list nations for every NSC final.



Reznorburg, the levee


NTU logo

  • ~Capital: Reznorburg
  • ~President: Alexander Amos
  • ~Population: 1 100 000
  • ~Official language: Ukrainian
  • ~Currency: Gryvnya
  • ~National Day: May 1
  • ~Broadcaster: National Television of UZI (NTU)
  • ~National arena: Sports Palace (capacity: 24 200)

NSC Spinoff Performances Edit

UZI debuted in All Around the World - Serbia spinoff with the song Midnight Express by Tamara Dinka & G+Shame which finished 13th out of 29.

Edition Artist Song Draw Rank Points
AATW Serbia G+Shame feat. Tamara Dinka Midnight Express 05 13 65
Nation Song Contest - Nation Idol 2 Regina Yes, Boss 20 18 47
Christmas 2.0 Sarah McLachlan Wintersong 24 04 88
80s Coming Back Richard Marx Right Here Waiting 07 04 112
NSC covers/remixes Madonna feat. Justin Timberlake 4 Minutes (Gustavo Scorpio remix) 06 25 33
Nation Song Contest - National Finals 8 Ani Lorak Ya Stanu Morem 27 07 72
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