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Ugaly has participated in the contest 180 times (as of NSC 183), the first participation was in NSC 4 and they have appeared in every edition since. The national broadcaster to handle contest related affairs is Lurkovision. Initially they failed to impress in most editions, often finishing in the bottom five or failing qualification from the semifinal. Luck turned in the ninth edition, where Ugaly managed a top 10 position in the final. Following several editions of continued low positions, Ugaly faced victory in the nineteenth edition. Ugaly has since won three additional times, in NSC 64, 72 and 103, and has seen varied results in general.

Ugaly holds several statistical records in NSC, it is currently the nation with the highest amount of total entries, the highest amount of consecutive entries and the oldest continuous active participation roster membership.

Edition Song Artist Rank Points
NSC 4 Morgenstern Rammstein 22 (out of 22) 16
NSC 5 Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 21 (out of 24) 29
NSC 6 (Semi) Life in Mono Mono 17 (out of 26) 69
NSC 7 (Semi) The Wicker Man Iron Maiden 25 (out of 28) 47
NSC 8 (Semi) Big in Japan Guano Apes 15 (out of 26) 81
NSC 9 (Semi) Puttin' on the Ritz Fearnavigatr 6 (out of 23) 114
NSC 9 Puttin' on the Ritz Fearnavigatr 7 (out of 24) 104
NSC 10 Mario's Theme Koji Kondo 27 (out of 28) 36
NSC 11 (Semi) Burlaci Kabát 19 (out of 28) 51
NSC 12 (Semi) Rock Lobster The B-52's 25 (out of 28) 31
NSC 13 (Semi) Super Cosby Bros. Brawl DarthWolf42 28 (out of 28) 13
NSC 14 (Semi) The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Lemon Demon 21 (out of 28) 64
NSC 15 (Semi) Shout at the Devil Mötley Crüe 27 (out of 28) 15
NSC 16 (Semi) In the Year 2525 Zager & Evans 19 (out of 28) 78
NSC 17 (Semi) Ghost in the Machine Blaze Bayley 28 (out of 28) 32
NSC 18 (Semi 2) Balladen om herr Fredrik Åkare och den söta fröken Cecilia Lind Cornelis Vreeswijk 20 (out of 23) 26
NSC 19 (Semi 2) Europa Globus 5 (out of 21) 88
NSC 19 Europa Globus 1 (out of 28) 155
NSC 20 Super Mario Långben Mongo från yttre rymden & hans fiender 29 (out of 29) 42
NSC 21 (Semi 2) Sad Man's Tongue Volbeat 13 (out of 24) 54
NSC 22 (Semi 1) Doomsday Murray Gold 18 (out of 23) 44
NSC 23 (Semi 2) Ghost of the Navigator Iron Maiden 18 (out of 22) 42
NSC 24 (Semi 1) Let's Get Rocked Def Leppard 20 (out of 24) 37
NSC 25 (Semi 2) Banankontakt Electric Banana Band 21 (out of 24) 36
NSC 26 (Semi 1) Seventeen Ladytron 6 (out of 23) 85
NSC 26 Seventeen Ladytron 20 (out of 29) 86
NSC 27 (Semi 2) Shade of Aran Chant Dahr 17 (out of 25) 51
NSC 28 (Semi 2) Green Tambourine The Lemon Pipers 23 (out of 24) 22
NSC 29 (Semi 2) Laalavat Jouset Verjnuarmu 17 (out of 26) 44
NSC 30 (Semi 2) Pornography Client 7 (out of 27) 80
NSC 30 Pornography Client 15 (out of 28) 110
NSC 31 (Semi 2) Carnival of Disgust Falconer 3 (out of 25) 92
NSC 31 Carnival of Disgust Falconer 14 (out of 28) 115
NSC 32 (Semi 1) Beautiful Disaster 311 21 (out of 22) 20
NSC 33 (Semi 1) Theme of Simon 7 Deadly Bits 25 (out of 25) 24
NSC 34 (Semi 1) It's From the Show igiulamam 24 (out of 25) 33
NSC 35 (Semi 1) Painkiller Judas Priest 24 (out of 25) 27
NSC 36 (Semi 2) Gorbachev ANJ 22 (out of 26) 40
NSC 37 (Semi 2) Bang Bang Bang Bang Sohodolls 3 (out of 23) 93
NSC 37 Bang Bang Bang Bang Sohodolls 3 (out of 28) 152
NSC 38 Banana Fuck Hacksore 28 (out of 28) 23
NSC 39 (Semi 1) Pa' Bailar Bajofondo 10 (out of 24) 65
NSC 39 Pa' Bailar Bajofondo 22 (out of 29) 81
NSC 40 (Semi 2) Hectic Dali 21 (out of 24) 27
NSC 41 (Semi 2) Running Away Space Cowboy 11 (out of 22) 57
NSC 42 (Semi 1) Kamphund Raubtier 26 (out of 26) 7
NSC 43 (Semi 1) Blimp Off Graeme Norgate 20 (out of 25) 14
NSC 44 (Semi 1) Keelhauled Alestorm 12 (out of 24) 60
NSC 45 (Semi 2) Bad Guys Bugsy Malone 24 (out of 24) 20
NSC 46 (Semi 1) Mega Man 2 The Adventures of Duane & BrandO 13 (out of 24) 61
NSC 47 (Semi 1) Tio Små Moppepojkar Dr. Alban 22 (out of 23) 32
NSC 48 (Semi 2) Wounded Soul Nightingale 11 (out of 25) 77
NSC 48 Wounded Soul Nightingale 6 (out of 28) 123
NSC 49 Barnatro Lapp-Lisa 28 (out of 28) 38
NSC 50 (Semi 1) Pump The B-52s 19 (out of 21) 45
NSC 51 (Semi 2) The Illusionist Scar Symmetry 13 (out of 22) 55
NSC 52 (Semi 1) Red Mist Theoretical Girl 16 (out of 26) 54
NSC 53 (Semi 2) Sprängarn Börje Reinholdsson & Johan Piribauer 13 (out of 20) 53
NSC 54 (Semi 2) Give It Up 8mm 20 (out of 23) 32
NSC 54 Give It Up 8mm 25 (out of 29) 68
NSC 55 (Semi 1) Supernova Dragonland
NSC 55 Supernova Dragonland


The very first national final featured three entries. Before the final, an internal selection was held to select the musical style of all participants, which became metal. Then the final was held as a public selection, with the decision being made by internet votes to 100%. Rammstein had a clear victory and was sent to Arjastan as the very first entry for Ugaly, where they finished at the very bottom, only receiving points from 3 nations.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Princess of the Night Saxon 2 3
Laalavat Jouset Verjnuarmu 3 2
Morgenstern Rammstein 1 6


Ugaly returned for a second attempt, this time without a specific decision in musical style. The final was in the same format as previously, but confusion arose when one of the participants, the Kong Family, had not been selected by LV, but instead had wrote themselves into it. Despite this, they were approved to compete. In the final result, two songs had finished on the same amount of votes, and the decision of the winner was decided by the back-up jury. Soundgarden emerged victorious and was sent to Hibernia. They finished very low, 21:st out of 24, but it was admitted by the Ugly people as a good improvement, seeing as they received points from a lot more nations, including 10 points from the host nation and even 12 points from Reym-L-Dneurb. Interestingly, Ugaly also gave 12 points to Reym-L-Dneurb in this edition.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Sodankylä Maj Karma 3 1
Black Hole Sun Soundgarden 1 2
Monkey Rap Kong Family 2 2


With the introduction of a semifinal, Ugaly had to qualify because of Soundgarden's disappointing result in NSC5. Three entries were chosen for the national final, but one of the participants was disqualified early when it was revealed that he was planning a rude coup during the live broadcast. Mono won the selection and was sent to the semifinal in Bokia, where they unfortunately failed to qualify, being 18 points away from the 12:th nation. This has been noted as Ugaly's first, out of few, entries that wasn't within any genre of rock.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Life in Mono Mono 1 8
Row, Row, Row Your Boat Roffbeard DQ DQ
Journeyman Iron Maiden 2 4


Once again, Ugaly had to compete in the semifinal. This time, a band was chosen beforehand to sing all three songs in the national final, who returned from the previous edition after finishing second after Mono. The winning song, The Wicker Man, was performed by Iron Maiden in Spila. They too failed to qualify, ending at 25:th place with 47 points.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Aces High Iron Maiden 2 1
Man on the Edge Iron Maiden 2 1
The Wicker Man Iron Maiden 1 9


This time, Ugaly didn't have a national selection process. This was due to a reconstruction of the nation's broadcasting system, meaning limited access to television for the whole population. The band Guano Apes was chosen internally to compete with the song Big in Japan in the semifinal in Gabriel. They ended up two places below qualification, with a 12 point difference from place 13.


Once again, there was no national final. After the third consecutive elimination, the head of the Ugly delegation took it upon himself to try and establish the nation's honor in the contest, this time being held in Astoria. Donning a costume, complete with a top hat and a cane, he danced and mimed to Taco's disco cover of Puttin' on the Ritz. He became the first participant from Ugaly to ever qualify from the semifinal. In the final, he even managed a top 10 position, making Ugaly a direct qualifier in the first double-digit edition.


Having no need to fear about getting in the final, Ugaly decided to go wild with their entry, aiming to send something entertaining rather than high scoring. They decided to enter with a video game song, namely the most iconic such. The overworld theme from Super Mario Bros., released 1985 on the Nintendo Entertainment System. As predicted, the song didn't do very well, ending at second last position.


For the first time since NSC7, Ugaly had a national final. As usual, three songs participated. The winning group Kabát, which had previously competed for the Czech Republic in the Eurovision Song Contest, was sent to Mooseland (who won the hosting rights from Astoria after a controversy that led to their banning from the contest). This entry failed to qualify, but still recieved a surprisingly high result, which was speculated to be an effect of their Eurovision history.

Song Artist Rank Votes
Burlaci Kabát 1 10
Perry Mason Ozzy Osbourne 3 3
Berätta Det för Lina Lillasyster 2 6


After the creation of new NBU rules that put limits to national finals, Lurkovision decided that the NSC11 national final was their last, and announced that they would choose all entries internally from now on. The 70's style rock band B-52's were selected to participate in Spila with the song Rock Lobster, they did not qualify.


In this edition, controversy arose as Lurkovision failed to deliver their votes in time for the semifinal in Vorhota, meaning Ugaly's score would be reduced by 75%. Ugaly's entry, Super Cosby Bros. Brawl, an internet meme song which was deemed a bad joke by many, only received 13 points in total, and the Ugly votes would've had little effect on the semifinal results, so the result of this event was mild. Ugaly managed to vote properly in the finals, and they officially received the full score in the statistics instead of the 3,25 points that they were supposed to get as a result of the punishment.


Ugaly went for another internet meme to be sent to Belvist, but this time in a more serious attempt: The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny, a compilation of many pop-culture characters fighting against eachother. Indeed, this entry received a fair amount of supporters and predictions, but in the end it became the fourth consecutive failure in the semifinals for Ugaly, being 18 points short of qualifying.


Despite the statistics against heavy metal, Ugaly was not discouraged from sending such entries, and did so once again for the 15:th edition, held in Arjastan. This time, American band Mötley Crüe was chosen, with their reworked version of Shout at the Devil. This was the third time Ugaly ended up last, being at joint 27:th place with Noizeland.


For this edition, held in Prasia, the Ugly entry became a classic hit from the sixties. In the Year 2525, by the duo Zager & Evans. While the entry failed to qualify, the song was considered an unexpected success, having received Ugaly's third highest score at the time, only outdone by the NSC 8 and 9 entries.

Spinoff participations[]

Edition Song Artist Rank Points Gimmick
Eurovision Special Det Börjar Verka Kärlek Banne Mig Claes-Göran Hederström 20 (out of 22) 13 Sweden's entry in ESC 1968
Eurovision Special 2 Nous Les Amoreux Jean-Claude Pascal 22 (out of 22) 4 Luxembourg's entry in ESC 1961
National Finals Bulletproof Heart Autolove 7 (out of 26) 89 Participant in Swedish Melodifestivalen 2004
Eurovision Special 3 S.A.G.A.P.O. Michalis Rakintzis 23 (out of 23) 18 Greece's entry in ESC 2002
Movie Theme Edition Killer Klowns The Dickies 20 (out of 23) 25 From the movie Killer Klowns from Outer Space
National Finals 2 Johnny the Rocker Magnus Ugglas Band 26 (out of 26) 1 Participant in Swedish Melodifestivalen 1979
Language Theme Edition Sodankylä Maj Karma 16 (out of 28) 46 Finnish language
Congratulations 10 Morgenstern Rammstein 31 (out of 31) 23 Ugaly's entry in NSC 4
Anthem Spin-off Reign of Engines National Anthem of Ugaly 11 (out of 26) 64 The national anthem of Ugaly
Nonsense Spin-off Item Fanfare Koji Kondo 21 (out of 25) 25 Nonsensical entry
AATW Norway Puritania Dimmu Borgir 17 (out of 27) 49 Norwegian entry
Eurovision Special 6 Out on My Own Michelle 26 (out of 28) 22 Netherlands' entry in ESC 2001
Mystery Spinoff Pi Hard 'n Phirm 27 (out of 30) 26 Hidden sender
Congratulations 2.0 The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny Lemon Demon Ugaly's entry in NSC 14
AATW Canada Lay it on the Line Triumph Canadian entry
Countries Spinoff (as part of Sweden) Double Nature Mustasch Entry from head of delegation's home country
Oldies - 60's In-A-Gadda-Da-Vida Iron Butterfly Entry from the 1960s
Worst Song Hips Don't Lie Shakira Disliked entry
Movie Theme Edition 2 Doctor Who Theme Peter Howell From the TV series Doctor Who
Instrumental Spinoff On Her Majesty's Secret Service John Barry Instrumental entry
Language Theme Edition 2 Smrt v Železe Umbrtka Czech language
Congratulations 3.0 Seventeen Ladytron Ugaly's entry in NSC 26
Oldies - 80s Too Young to Fall in Love Mötley Crüe Entry from the 1980s
Covers Spinoff Poker Face/Dragostea Din Tei Lady Gaga vs. O-Zone Remix of Daffodilia's NSC 30 and Gabriel's NSC 6 entries
Robbery Spinoff Die Russen Kommen EAV Entry with artist previously sent by Viola Per Sempre
Video Game Music The Requiem of Captain Mozzarella Splatterhouse From the arcade game Splatterhouse
Doubles Spinoff (as part of Uqelely) So Fine Telepathe Collaboration with Qele
Congratulations 4 Gorbachev ANJ Ugaly's entry in NSC 36
Spinoff Congratulations Killer Klowns The Dickies Ugaly's entry in Movie Theme Edition
Mystery Spinoff 2 Promise Hirose Kohmi Hidden sender
Randomizer Spinoff Out on the Piers Marit Bergman Assigned artist chosen by Adamsburg

Score statistics[]

As of NSC6. Spinoff contests not included.

Votes for Ugaly[]


Points NSC4 NSC5 NSC6 Semi
1 Medina Arjastan, Bokia Belvist, Bokia
2 Alinta Hibernia, Lost Isle
3 Adamsburg Escotia
4 Noizeland
5 Spila
6 Cicvara
7 Escotia Alinta
8 Galataland, Lolee, Xorentia
10 Hibernia Sunland
12 Reym-L-Dneurb Reym-L-Dneurb


Ugaly has yet to recieve points from the following nations: Altharia, Andromeda, Astoria, Begonia, Gabriel, Giggshood, Instir, Manotto, Mountbatten Island, Phinechendza, Romeria, Rotterdamus, Saksjaowie, Salona, Tomstria, United States of Carmen, Venera and Yaponesia.

Ugaly never recieved points from Brugia or Maccha-Bently, they never participated along with Eurora, Isaria, Magna Grecia or Reignland.

Votes from Ugaly[]


Points NSC4 NSC5 NSC6 Semi NSC6 Final
1 Adamsburg Spila Instir Hibernia
2 Saksjaowie Xorentia Romeria United States of Carmen
3 Astoria Bokia United States of Carmen Lost Isle
4 Gabriel Alinta Altharia Begonia
5 Romeria Escotia Alinta Escotia
6 Venera Maccha-Bently Xorentia Gabriel
7 Spila Tomstria Manotto Brugia
8 Giggshood Begonia Maccha-Bently Arjastan
10 Brugia Phinechendza Sunland Reym-L-Dneurb
12 Bokia Reym-L-Dneurb Galataland Adamsburg


If a nation was given points in both the semifinal and the final of the same edition, only the highest score is counted

Ugaly has yet to give points to the following nations: Andromeda, Belvist, Lolee, Medina, Mountbatten Island, Noizeland, Rotterdamus, Salona and Yaponesia.

Ugaly never voted for Cicvara.

Ugaly in the Nation Song Contest
4 Rammstein - 5 Soundgarden - 6 Mono - 7 Iron Maiden - 8 Guano Apes - 9 Fearnavigatr - 10 Koji Kondo - 11 Kabát - 12 The B-52's - 13 DarthWolf42 - 14 Lemon Demon - 15 Mötley Crüe - 16 Zager & Evans - 17 Blaze Bayley - 18 Cornelis Vreeswijk - 19 Globus - 20 Mongo från yttre rymden & hans fiender - 21 Volbeat - 22 Murray Gold - 23 Iron Maiden - 24 Def Leppard - 25 Electric Banana Band - 26 Ladytron - 27 Dahr - 28 The Lemon Pipers - 29 Verjnuarmu - 30 Client - 31 Falconer - 32 311 - 33 7 Deadly Bits - 34 igiulamam - 35 Judas Priest - 36 ANJ - 37 Sohodolls - 38 Hacksore - 39 Bajofondo - 40 Dali - 41 Space Cowboy - 42 Raubtier - 43 Graeme Norgate - 44 Alestorm - 45 Bugsy Malone - 46 The Adventures of Duane & BrandO - 47 Dr. Alban - 48 Nightingale - 49 Lapp-Lisa - 50 The B-52s - 51 Scar Symmetry - 52 Theoretical Girl - 53 Börje Reinholdsson & Johan Piribauer - 54 8mm - 55 Dragonland - 56 UnSun