Nation Song Contest



Utopolitan history is a storied story about a struggle of a free city in a hostile world. A long string of monarchs gave way to a long string of presidents, a long list of different names for the city have been found as well. Gist of the matter is that it has always served as a trading hub with fish and later on electronic goods as main exports. Notable is the association of Utopolis with the UUCS. For a long time Utopolis was a part of said federation, but during the revolution Utopolis broke free and cut ties with the other UUCS states. It is unknown what the exact reason for this revolution was. It is told that the true core of the matter was a different opinion on what futurism really means. Utopolitans contend that futurism means to break with old traditions through rebellion and focus on youth and technology, whereas the UUCS contends that futurism means to break with old traditions through rebellion and focus on youth and technology. Given that this issue was never resolved, the UUCS was planning to throw Utopolis out of the UUCS for not being rebellious enough, after which Utopolis rebelled to gain its independence. Post-revolutionary Utopolis can be typified as very futuristic with a pseudo-fascist political system that scapegoats all anthropomorphic deities.

Results in WLSC

WLSC 195 Javiera Mena Flashback 6th (20) 69 Pts
WLSC 196 Jambinai Time of Extinction 19th (23) 39 Pts
WLSC 197 Lipstick I'm A Raver 14th (22) 57 Pts
WLSC 198 Sivan Talmor Sad Heart 16th (20) 44 Pts
WLSC 199 Emma Heesters Waar Ga Je Heen 1st (23) 95 Pts
WLSC 200 (Host) [Ó] Zolota Pora 13th (24) 57 Pts
WLSC 201 Max Cooper Aleph 2 16th (21) 47 Pts
WLSC 202 Phillipi & Rodrigo Retrogrado 15th (18) 32 Pts
WLSC 203 Guillermo & Tropical Danny Toppertje 19th (22) 35 Pts
WLSC 204 Jaloo Last Dance 6th (20) 64 Pts
WLSC 205 Shortparis KoKoKo 11th (19) 52 Pts
WLSC 206 PNAU Go Bang 3rd (21) 98 Pts
WLSC 207 (Host) INZO I'm Dreaming 14th (20) 48 Pts
WLSC 208 65daysofstatic Prisms 13th (22) 55 Pts
WLSC 209 HANA So & So 2nd (21) 91 Pts
WLSC 210 Steven Wilson King Ghost 4th (21) 85 Pts
WLSC 211 Frenzy Blitz Hier und Jetzt 19th (23) 38 Pts
WLSC 212 Wice Star Fighter 4th (20) 75 Pts
WLSC 213 Shygirl BAWDY 14th (22) 52 Pts
WLSC 214 Stadt Pletyu 5th (23) 76 Pts
WLSC 215 Devil ANTHEM. UP 22nd (30) 42 Pts
WLSC 216 B Band Arambakhsh 20th (24) 35 Pts
WLSC 217 Apashe (ft InstaSamka) Uebok VIP 2nd (23) 94 Pts
WLSC 218 Paledusk 9 Smiles 16th (21) 47 Pts
WLSC 219 Aesop Rock Long Legged Larry 16th (24) 50 Pts
WLSC 220 Die Vaiolets Aus Sudtirol Die Heimat, Sie Ruft 18th (22) 38 Pts
WLSC 221 Radiohead Like Spinning Plates 19th (22) 43 Pts
WLSC 222 Iglooghost Big Protector 14th (22) 45 Pts
WLSC 223 Rexx Constantly Changing 23rd (24) 23 Pts
WLSC 224 STAYC So Bad 12th (25) 61 Pts
WLSC 225 Fokke Simons Blussen 4th (22) 83 Pts
WLSC 226 Alexa Melo Glitched Out 5th (20) 76 Pts