Nation Song Contest
Member station VRT
Appearances 26
Debut NSC 9
Best result 1st: NSC 12, NSC 24, NSC 33, NSC 41
Worst result 25th: NSC 17

Vorhota (Vorhotin: Vorhotay Republika) is a nation on the Southern continent, bordered by Liturestia to the north, Shamitri to the north-east, Sunoma to the south-east, the islands of Saint Joe & Southgulfia to the south, Prasia to the west and Rotterdamus to the north-west. It's capital is Vorhota City. It made it's debut in Nation Song Contest 9, and won NSC12, NSC24, NSC33 and NSC41 thus hosted NSC13, NSC25, NSC34, NSC42 and also NSC37.

Facts about Vorhota[]

  • Anthem: Ola, patro lysk Vorhotinsk (God save the Vorhotins)
  • Capital: Vorhota City (After the amalgamation of Vor (vorh.: water) and Hota (vorh.: heat~fire))
  • Official languages: Vorhotin, Hungarian, Shamitrian (in some regions)
  • Currency: pengő (VOP)

Flag of Vorhota[]

Flag of Vorhota is a horizontal tricolour of blue, grey and green.

  • Blue is the symbol of Sky and Peace.
  • Grey symbolises Friendship.
  • Green stands for Earth and Liberty
  • The yellow part symbolises the Sun, while the V stands for the country itself.

Vorhota in NSC[]

Main article: Vorhota in Nation Song Contest


Edition Artist Song Place Points
NSC9 Anima Sound System Revolution YT SF:20 SF:53
NSC10 Fergie Big Girls Don't Cry YT 12 (SF:6) 85 (SF:114)
NSC11 The Pipettes Pull Shapes DM 18 73
NSC12 Mylène Farmer C'est une belle journée YT 1 (SF:2) 183 (SF: 160)
NSC13 Unique Végtelen álom YT 24 51
NSC14 Mylène Farmer Pardonne-moi YT 8 (SF:9) 101 (SF:110)
NSC15 Calogero En Apesanteur YT 23 63
NSC16 Vision Nem kérek mást YT 15 (SF:8) 84 (SF:137)
NSC17 Shivaree Goodnight Moon YT 25 55
NSC18 Bori Pétery & Love Band Hajolj bele a hajamba YT SF1:18 SF1:31
NSC19 Lifehouse First Time YT 2 (SF2:3) 154 (SF2:106)
NSC20 Vision Bárcsak újra itt lennél YT 25 68
NSC21 R.E.M. Imitation Of Life YT 14 (SF:10) 108 (SF2:65)
NSC22 Soul Asylum Runaway Train YT 4 (SF:7) 132 (SF2:90)
NSC23 Amy Lee & eether Broken YT 14 87
NSC24 Benny Benassi Hit My Heart YT 1 (SF:1) 169 (SF2:150)
NSC25 P!nk Who Knew YT 5 141
NSC26 Sita Happy 13 111
NSC27 Grégory Lemarchal Écris L'Histoire 16 (SF2:8) 105 (SF2:75)
NSC28 Ágnes Vanilla Ígéret 3 (SF2:5) 171 (SF2:95)
NSC29 NOX Hiszed-e még? 16 117
NSC30 Lama Litak SF1:20 SF1:31
NSC31 Fruzsina Kovácsovics Hazatalálsz 12 (SF:8) 116 (SF2:76)
NSC32 Zagar Wings of Love 19 (SF2:7) 84 (SF2:84)
NSC33 Laura Pausini Surrender 1 (SF1:10) 203 (SF1:70)
NSC34 Il Genio Pop Porno 8 139
NSC35 Sarah McLeod He Doesn't Love You' 10 (SF2:1) 125 (SF2:107)
NSC36 Marco Carta' La Forza Mia 3 (SF1:4) 172 (SF1:96)
NSC37 J-Five Modern Times 22 77
NSC38 Adrienn Zsédenyi És Megindul A Föld SF2:18 SF2:44
NSC39 Alessandro Amoroso Stupida SF1:18 SF1:47
NSC40 Taylor Swift You Belong With Me SF1:11 SF1:65
NSC41 Lily Allen Fuck You 1 (SF1:1) 161 (SF1:121)
NSC42 Zero Assoluto Per Dimenticare 9 122
NSC43 Bori Péterfy & Love Band Téged Nem 13 (SF2:9) 116 (SF2:177)
NSC44 The Supermen Lovers Starlight SF2:22 SF2:34

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