WLSC Congratulations 8
"Back to the 90's"
Date 25.07.2020. - 11.08.2020.
Host Lois Griffin
Peter Griffin
Venue Arrenaa ot Lætingmaaotr
Frisköptislæting, Färzas - Lætingmaa
Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire
Winner Tamausia&Deltanor flag Tamausia & Deltannor
Burn Down This Room by Ruben
Voting system Each country awards 12, 10, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2 and 1 points to their 10 favourite songs.
Entries 14
Debuting nations Arkodre Arkodrë
Banan Flag Banan
Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire
Final flag of Neajlovia Neajlovia
Nbs New Bander State
Pyreica flag Pyreica
Flag-0 Solentoya
Svobodnia Flag Svobodnia
Tamausia&Deltanor flag Tamausia & Deltannor
Tanoiro-flag Tanoiro
Utopolis flag Utopolis
Returning nations Bigiciaflag Bigicia
Emsfront Emsfrynt[1]
Moisantialarge Moisantia
Withdrawing nations 10 Regions of Mobius, Il-Bidu, Meilutya, Serenes, Yistland, Artyomka, Sakuralia, Adamsburg
Nul points none
Confirmation 25.07.2020. - 30.07.2020.
Final voting 31.07.2020. - 11.08.2020.
Final results 11.08.2020.
Nation Song Contest
C 5        C 7
For more information about the 6th WLSC Congratulations and the actual show go to the thread.

Congratulations: 200 Years of the Waiting List Song Contest was a television programme organised by the Griffin national broadcaster - GTV (Griffiniskaja Televisioon) to commemorate the Waiting List Song Contest's 200th anniversary and to determine the Contest's most popular entrant of its last 10 years (191-200 era). Hosted by Peter and Lois Griffin, the event took place at Arrenaa ot Lætingmaaotr, in Frisköptislæting, capital of Färzas - Lætingmaa Principality.

Following the slogan "back to the 90's", the theme of the contest were the memorable moments from the past decade, and graphic design was inspired by the popular patterns, shapes and colours from the 1990's. The show was hosted by one of the most beloved Griffin celebrity families - the Griffins. Members of the Griffin family are the stars of the very popular Griffin television series Family Guy. The show is set in the fictional city of Quahog, and exhibits much of its surreal and dark humor in the form of metafictional cutaway gags that often lampoon Griffin culture.

The results were very close. In the end, the show was won by Ruben representing Tamausia and Deltannor with his hit song Burn Down This Room; Emsfrynt and Svobodnia followed them in the second and third places.


The celebration was held in Griffin Empire following the series of negotiations among the Waiting List nations. Fretanal Bodan, Griffin head of delegation announced during the live press conference that the contest would take place in the city of Frisköptislæting.

It was proposed by GTV that the contest be held in Arrenaa ot Lætingmaaotr, and this proposal was evaluated by the Natian Broadcasting Union and later confirmed. The Director-General of the venue, Ott Õolaram , refuted rumours of emergency reconstruction of the building, saying: "It will not be required for the show. We now can take up to 12 thousand spectators."


Arrenaa ot Lætingmaaotr

Arrenaa ot Lætingmaaotr – host venue of the show


Scene from the picturesque medieval centre of Frisköptislæting


Frisköptislæting Old Town's Christmas market connects the Griffin local religion with Christianity

Arrenaa ot Lætingmaaotr (literally "The arena of Lætingmaa") is an indoor sporting arena and concert hall that is located in the district of Eckbolsheim of the city of Frisköptislæting. It was designed, in the Postmodern Expressionist style, by Griffin architect Makxsimilian Fuksas. The arena has a capacity of 12,079. It was opened in 2008.


Frisköptislæting is the capital and largest city of the Färzas - Lætingmaa Principality and is the official seat of the All-Natian Parliament. It is located at the border with Ujedinjeni Gvozd in easternmost part of the historical region of Lætingmaa.

In 2020, central city district[2] had 280,966 inhabitants and the whole city had a population of 764.013 in 2020, making it the ninth-largest city in Griffin Empire. It is the seat of several Natian institutions and among the few cities in the world not being a state capital and hosting international organisations of the first order. The city is the seat of many international institutions such as the International Institute of Human Rights. It is the second city in Griffin Empire in terms of international congress and symposia, after Kralingslæting.

Frisköptislæting's historic city centre, was classified a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1988, the first time such an honour was placed on an entire city centre. Frisköptislæting is unique in terms of culture and is cultural bridge between Griffin and rest of Natia, especially through the University of Frisköptislæting, currently the second-largest in Griffin Empire, and the coexistence of Christian and Griffin culture.

Economically, Frisköptislæting is an important centre of manufacturing and engineering, as well as a hub of road, rail, and river transportation.


Competitive part of the shaw was opened by Svobodnia and closed by Arkodrë. Late years of the decade were more represented with 4 countries sending their 198 representatives. Entries from the earliest contest were Pyreica's Nexus and La usa mea from New Bander State from 193, and the latest 200th edition had two representatives as well – Griffin Empire’s Kehakeel and Emsfrint’s Pporappippam. The most successful entries in their own edition were from Emsfrynt, Tanoiro, Neajlovia, Tamausia & Deltannor and Moisantia – all finished third in their respective editions. The least successful entry was Utopolis’ Sad Heart which came 16th in 198.

# Nation Edition Artist Song PLC PTS
01 Svobodnia Flag Svobodnia 195 Klava Koka Pokinula chat 03rd 71
02 Tamausia&Deltanor flag Tamausia & Deltannor 197 Ruben Burn Down This Room 01st 91
03 Final flag of Neajlovia Neajlovia 198 Alyosha Калина 06th 69
04 Emsfront Emsfrynt 200 SUNMI pporappippam 02nd 80
05 Utopolis flag Utopolis 198 Sivan Talmor Sad Heart 13th 33
06 Banan Flag Banan 199 Aimer Kachoufugetsu 10th 44
07 Pyreica flag Pyreica 193 Hiroyuki Sawano ft. Laco Nexus 09th 53
08 Moisantialarge Moisantia 195 Alex C ft. Yasmin K Amigos Forever 12th 35
09 Bigiciaflag Bigicia 198 Ruth B. If By Chance 14th 32
10 Tanoiro-flag Tanoiro 199 Ella Lee Zot Ani 04th 71
11 Flag-0 Solentoya 196 Queen of Hearts Neon 07th 62
12 Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire 200 Liis Lemsalu Kehakeel 08th 62
13 Arkodre Arkodrë 198 Dharia August Diaries 05th 71
14 Nbs New Bander State 193 Medeea La ușa mea 11th 38

Performances and memorable momentsEdit

The show started with the Congratulations intro with the host city as its main theme. followed by a 191 winning performance by Kristinia DeBarge. The second part of the opening act included the Family Guy cast singing "It's a Wonderful Day for Pie".

Throughout the telecast, a number of highlights segments were presented which showed montages of various WLSC performances which were either interesting, notable or unorthodox, as well as some memorable moments throughout the last decade.

Postcards for each competing performance had their own presenter all of which were part of the Family Guy cast.

List of performances, appereances and highlights
Act Artist Song / performance Notes
Opening act Griffin-Empire-Flag GTV Orchestra Welcome to Frisköptislæting!
Svobodnia Flag Kristinia DeBarge Goodbye Winner of the WLSC 191
Griffin-Empire-Flag Family Guy Cast It's a Wonderful Day for Pie
Interval act Oussou Empire Flag Arkodre Ava Max Salty Kings and Queens[3] Winner of the WLSC 192 and WLSC 195
Griffin-Empire-Flag Greyson Chance Honeysuckle[4] Griffin representative at the WLSC 196
Bigiciaflag Nina Automatic Call Winner of the WLSC 200
Postcard appereances
Appereance Countrie(s)
Stewie Griffin Bigicia, Svobodnia[5]
Brian Griffin Utopolis, Solentoya[6]
Glenn Quagmire Tamausia & Deltannor
Consuela Neajlovia
Seamus Levine Emsfrynt
Jake Tucker Banan
Jesus Pyreica
John Herbert Moisantia
Lois Griffin Tanoiro
Ernie the Giant Chicken Griffin Empire
Joe Swanson Arkodrë
Bruce New Bander State
Memorable moments shown as highlights
Highlight Notes
Szimbaya Kingdom’s bloody show Honouring the blood theme show in 195
"12 or I shoot" Reference to the Pyreican comic interviews with Anaraqueen, Borderline and Deniz
Return of Neajlovia & Griffin Empire First edition countries, both returning after more than 100 years
Greek sounds from the Oussou Empire Honouring the specific Greek sound with 197 and 199 entries in mind
Revival of national finals Reference to the National Final boom of the mid to late 190s
UtopolisPyreica revolutionary hosting Honouring creative and innovative hosting from 200
Record breaking number of entries Honouring the WLSC 196 which had highest number of participants to date
Svobodnian traditional embroidery Honouring the 197 theme
Solentoya’s split voting Reference to Solentoyan releases of detailed jury and televote results
Tybalteva and Belvist in 192 Honouring the Tybalteva debuting and Belvist returning
Nurdian NSC debut Celebration of Nurdia successfully joining the main roster
Ava Max: ultimate winner Honouring Ava Max winning 2 times for 2 different nations
Cum se face Reference to the Il-Bidan song that spawned various title-innuendo related memes
Rotterdam tribute Honouring the 194 theme
Safari in Moisantia Honouring the 198 theme
Tuorem’s twitter account Reference to the Tybaltevan song releases and show commentary
Neajlovian babushka revolution Honouring the babushkas, NeajlovoMaidan, CoVid Revolution and fall of communism
Getting 7 from 7 Reference to the game where is more important to get 7 than 12 from 7
Thank you for joining us! Celebration of all 31 nations that took part in the 191-200 period
3rd live listening tonight Reference to the multiple LLs of single edition and rising popularity of WLSC
Warehousegate Reference to the meme that all Griffin entries are filmed in the same warehouse
ÜÜCS not failing to vote Reference to the stereotype that ÜÜCS will almost definitely fail to vote
Arkodrë’s debut victory Honouring the first performance and victory from Arkodrë in 195
Pyreican sky on fire Honouring Pyreican postcards from 199


  1. Competed in the WLSC Congratulations 1 as Eterland
  2. Äldtiiriska sit - Old town
  3. Medley/remix of Ava's both winning songs
  4. The song is Greyson's new single. He represented the nation with the song Dancing Next to Me
  5. As Darth Vader
  6. In Peanut Butter Jelly Time costume
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