Waiting List Song Contest 201
Date 15 July 2020 - 31 July 2020
Host Bigicia
Venue Gold-Purple Tower, Nar Darum
Bigiciaflag Bigicia
Winner Arkodre Arkodrë
Peru by Tungevaag
Voting system Each nation gives 12, 10, 8-1 points to their favorite songs
Entries 21
Debuting nations 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82 Effiland
Returning nations 94dANe3 Arva
Withdrawing nations Aclaira flag Aclaira
Emsfront Emsfrynt
GodricsHollow Godric's Hollow
Trollheimrblackred225 Trollheimr
Nul points none
Confirmation 15 July 2020 - 21 July 2020
Final voting 22 July 2020 - 30 July 2020
Final results 31 July 2020
Nation Song Contest
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For more information about the 201st contest and the actual show go to the thread.

The Waiting List Song Contest 201 will be the 201st edition of the Waiting List Song Contest. After winning the year before, Bigicia will be the host nation for the edition. Theme of the contest was “The dawn of a new era” celebrating the new era of the contest with its newfound enormous success and popularity. Bigicia organised many different activities during the 201st Waiting List Song Contest, one of them being the election of Bigician new Crown Prince or Princess. Emsfrynt was the first nation to anounce its withdrawal, announcing the break from the contest. After the entry submission deadline it was announced that 4 other nations withdrew — Aclaira, Godric's Hollow, Trollheimr, and ÜÜCS. Even though they were part of the main rooster, Effiland never competed at the Waiting List Song Contest, and this was the first time the nation sent its entry. Arva returned after four editions break. Arkodrë won for the second time since 195, Solentoya came second and Svobodnia third.

Bigician quest for the heirEdit

Alongside the song contest, Bigicia run another contest among the nobility of Natia to choose their next king. Following the death of Crown Prince of Bigicia during the cataclysm that affected the Baia Papayan archipelago, Bigician king's health has been affected by these news and it was obvious rhat he won't survive the year. Since, the Crown Prince was his only living children, to avoid the bloody interregnum, where every noble house will be entitled to claim the throne, the king Torrhen III decided to make a contest for the next heir; he has announced that the system will change to an elective monarchy and foreign princes can be eligible as well. You can find full list of the nations’ candidates bellow with candidates ranging from the second daughter of Solentoyan king to the Paperlandish representative at the Nation Song Contest 84. Since they have won the WLSC, Bigician king, who is a big fan of WLSC and music in general, decided that next Crown Princess will be Arkodrian representative Majlinda Mëriqi.

Draw Nation Candidate Rank Result
01 Tanoiro-flag Tanoiro Kween Bora Priestess of the Dreamcatcher Cult
02 Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire Emma Aliis Ikdõidaignsson Slýtthj Princess of Foreõsvdetrre[1]
03 Final flag of Neajlovia Neajlovia Babushka Natalya Prime Minister of Neajlovia
04 Pyreica flag Pyreica Riu Aucèl deth Pyr Duchess of Peirièxa [2]
05 Moisantialarge Moisantia Estefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta Heiress[3]
06 Flag-0 Solentoya Liliana Sierra Jade Castello - Ramos Princess of Solentoya
07 7 7 Adrian Zaar Prince of Paperland
08 Utopolis flag Utopolis Samanta Tīna Queen of Sorts
09 Roseland Roseland Wincent Weiss Prince of Roseland
10 Oussou Empire Flag Oussou Empire Ira of House of Atsoumpalloi Imperial Princess
11 Bigiciaflag Bigicia Dagon Drilvayne Duke of Selethis
12 Nbs New Bander State Volodya Zelensky
13 Tamausia&Deltanor flag Tamausia & Deltannor Madame Concordia Welchus Grand Duchess [4]
14 Svobodnia Flag Svobodnia Paris Whitney Tarkaelid-Hilton Princess of Svobodnia[5]
15 Banan Flag Banan Mini-Me Local warlord
16 Szimbaya small flag Szimbaya Kingdom Patrick Fabian Prince of Szimbaya Kingdom
17 Arkodre Arkodrë Majlinda Mëriqi Arkodrë Mbretëresha
18 Flag of Il-Bidu Il-Bidu Kelina Nerevau Countess of Obsidian Isle
19 94dANe3 Arva Morndilin Salingire Count of Aelwel
20 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82 Effiland Derin Seagard[6] Count of Cera
21 Belvist zastava Belvist Gindyr Founrath Duke of Balmora

Participating countries Edit

There were 21 participating nations with five withrawals, one returning nation and one debuting nation. The show was opened by Arkodrë and closed by Arva.

Draw Nation Artist Song Place Points
01 Arkodre Arkodrë Tungevaag Peru 01st 86
02 Bigiciaflag Bigicia Wengie ft. Minnie of (G)I-DLE Empire 9th 65
03 Banan Flag Banan Two Steps From Hell High C's 08th 68
04 Tanoiro-flag Tanoiro Dovley Everywhere 10th 65
05 Svobodnia Flag Svobodnia Panic! At the Disco Roaring 20s 03rd 81
06 7 7 Various artists[7] Romantico Starlight 18th 36
07 Szimbaya small flag Szimbaya Kingdom Freddie Csodak 19th 30
08 Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire Conan Gray Wish You Were Sober 17th 45
09 Flag-0 Solentoya The Sam Willows Take Heart 02nd 84
10 Tamausia&Deltanor flag Tamausia & Deltannor Chelsea Lankes Bullet 20th 26
11 Flag of Il-Bidu Il-Bidu Tima Cousins Pray 05th 79
12 Nbs New Bander State Mia Rodriguez Psycho 21st 18
13 Final flag of Neajlovia Neajlovia Лобода Облака 13th 55
14 Moisantialarge Moisantia Nova Miller Mi Amor 12th 56
15 Utopolis flag Utopolis Max Cooper Aleph 2 16th 47
16 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82 Effiland Mabel Matiz A Canım 15th 47
17 Pyreica flag Pyreica Suzane SUZANE 04th 80
18 Belvist zastava Belvist Madeline Juno Into the Night 07th 69
19 Oussou Empire Flag Oussou Empire Eleni Foureira Temperatura 06th 70
20 Roseland Roseland Olivia Holt Generous 14th 51
21 94dANe3 Arva Celina Sharma CHALO 11th 60


- Griffin song “Wish You Were Sober” with its heavy references to partying and alcohol was accused of glorifying under-age drinking. On his Twitter account, Griffin representative defended the song saying the meaning is the opposite of that.

-Some Griffin extremists tried to invade Pyreica, however the attack was successfully prevented.

- The nation of 7 broke the Nar Darum software and the scoreboard was a mess for a second or two. Bigician nobles will pursue the matter in court rather than in the battlefield. Bigicia is merciful, of course.


  1. Griffin royal family has many branches, and the one to accept the invitation is the line of the Foreõsvdetrre principality, so the full name in Griffin is Prinsýnn otä ot Principalitëtotr ot Foreõsvdetrreotr
  2. Full title in Pyreican is Granessa dei Peirièxa
  3. Moisantian delegation described their candidate as “fashionista, artist, godess”
  4. Full title is Hereditary Grand Duchess of Tamausia & Deltannor
  5. Since Svobodnia is not a kingdom, their candidate came from the royal family of their brother country of Tarkania. Tarkanian royal family has a title “prince/princess of Svobodnia” which is an old tratidion from the times when Svobodnia and Tarkania had a royal union.
  6. Effish delegation claimed that the nation has just gotten out of turmoil, so they were not able to nominate a candidate.​ In the end their parliament announced that they will nominate count of Cera.
  7. Bob Sinclar, The Supermen Lovers, Robbie Williams
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