Waiting List Song Contest 202
Date 03 August 2020 - 17 August 2020
Host Solentoya
Venue Adriana, Flag-0 Solentoya
Winner Nbs New Bander State
Дежавю by Артем Пивоваров
Voting system Each nation gives 12, 10, 8-1 points to their favorite songs
Entries 18
Debuting nations none
Returning nations none
Withdrawing nations 94dANe3 Arva
Flag of Il-Bidu Il-Bidu
Svobodnia Flag Svobodnia
Nul points none
Confirmation 03 August 2020 - 09 August 2020
Final voting 10 August 2020 - 15 August 2020
Final results 17 August 2020
Nation Song Contest
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For more information about the 202nd contest and the actual show go to the thread.

The Waiting List Song Contest 202 was the 202nd edition of the Waiting List Song Contest. After the series of meetings, Arkodrë, winners of the 201st edition, declined to host the show, as the Arkodrian public broadcaster could not fund an international production, and the Arkodrian government turned down a request to extend the broadcaster's budget. However Arkodrë have confirmed their intent to participate and they even have held a national selection to determine their representative.

It was to be determined if the contest would take place in second placed Solentoya, third placed Svobodnia or a volunteer nation. Sol TV chairman said that "Solentoya wasn't expecting the hosting job to be coming their way but the funding was available” and that they “were willing to host."

Arva, Il-Bidu and Svobodnia withdrew, with Arkodrian and New Banderish confirmations coming late after the deadline.

Although they were not participating, Svobodnia was allowed to vote; Oussou Empire failed to vote and thus has been disqualified. In the end, New Bander State won the show with 104 points, with Solentoya following in second and Effiland in third place.


With the decision to hold the contest in Adriana, Sol TV promoted the show as the exclusive brand and the host city itself as "the playground of Natias most richest and most famous". Key words in the campaign were luxury, sun, and extravagance. Ads with captions "So put on your best Luis Vuittons, grab your in season Prada bag and make your way on over for a glass of Gout de Diamants Champagne and a spectacle to dumfound you all" were aired throughout Natia.

As the first three countries to confirm their entries, the delegations of Moisantia, Neajlovia & Griffin Empire got to stay in the penthouse suites of 3 of Adriana's most exclusive hotels free of charge. Typically such suites average at §15,000 a night.

Results Edit

The competition was opened by Oussou Empire and closed by Arkodrë. After the official results several awards have been awarded - the highest scoring male singer and the most 12 points went to New Bander State; the highest scoring female singer went to Solentoya, the highest score without 12 points went to Bigicia, entry with lowest score and 12 points went to Szimbaya Kingdom and entry with highest numbers of voters went to Effiland.

Draw Nation Artist Song Place Points
01 Oussou Empire Flag Oussou Empire Tamta x Stephane Legar Yala DSQ 60
02 Tamausia&Deltanor flag Tamausia & Deltannor Jax Jones, Martin Solveig[1] Tequila 12th 52
03 Belvist zastava Belvist Halestorm Dear Daughter 14th 49
04 Moisantialarge Moisantia Nina Until All Your Dreams Come True 16th 32
05 7 7 Idiotape Even Floor 07th 60
06 Utopolis flag Utopolis Phillipi & Rodrigo Retrogrado 15th 32
07 Flag-0 Solentoya Ifigenia Gia Sena 02nd 75
08 Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire LALEH Vårens Första Dag 05th 70
09 Bigiciaflag Bigicia Mike Singer Deja Vu 04th 74
10 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82 Effiland Tugba Yurt Inceden Inceden 03rd 74
11 Tanoiro-flag Tanoiro Foe Deep Water Heartbreaker 10th 57
12 Roseland Roseland Emma Bunton What Took You So Long 13th 51
13 Banan Flag Banan Autograf ft. Papa Ya Easy 06th 60
14 Final flag of Neajlovia Neajlovia MARUV & Boosin I Want You 09th 57
15 Pyreica flag Pyreica Mrs Yéyé ft. Lou Howard Prendre les Armes 11th 56
16 Szimbaya small flag Szimbaya Kingdom Taylor Swift Betty 17th 25
17 Nbs New Bander State Артем Пивоваров Дежавю 01st 104
18 Arkodre Arkodrë Tom Gregory Rather Be You 08th 57


The spokespersons announced the score from their respective country in the following order:


  1. Jax Jones, Martin Solveig, RAYE, Europa

See alsoEdit

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