Waiting List Song Contest 205
Date 23 September - 05 October 2020
Host Solentoya
Venue Alasanti, Flag-0 Solentoya
Winner Flag-0 Solentoya
Yüzleşme by Doğukan Manço ft. Funda
Voting system Each nation gives 12, 10, 8-1 points to their favorite songs
Entries 19
Debuting nations Endórë flag Endórë
Returning nations Banan Flag Banan
Withdrawing nations Arkodre Arkodrë
Belvist zastava Belvist
Emsfront Emsfrynt
Tybaltevan icon Tybalteva
Nul points none
Confirmation 23 September - 28 September 2020
Final voting 29 September - 04 October 2020
Final results 05 October 2020
Nation Song Contest
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For more information about the 205th contest and the actual show go to the thread.

The Waiting List Song Contest 205 was the 205th edition of the Waiting List Song Contest. After the winning country, Tybalteva, declined the hosting rights following their second consecutive victory, it was yet to determine which country would host the event. Soon after the bidding phase started, second placed Moisantia announced they are unable to host the event as well. Third placed Solentoya was next in line for hosting and after a short negotiations accepted to host the event in the second biggest city — Alasanti.

Banan returned as well as ÜÜCS which returned just for this edition and announced it would probably be their last edition ever. During the first phase of the organisation, Endórë joined the Waiting List and thus debuted at this edition, while Arkodrë, Belvist, Emsfrynt and Tybalteva withdrew.

Following their fantastic hosting, Solentoya won on their home ground with Moisantia coming in second and Tanoiro third. Il-Bidu failed to vote and therefore was automatically placed last.

Bidding PhaseEdit

Venue - CCAwlsc205

Coca Cola Arena hosted the event

The Coca Cola Arena has been announced as host venue for this upcoming edition of WLSC. Initially the decision was between this and 2 other venues in Alasanti however the central Location of the Coca Cola Arena, some sponsorship money and connections to hotels etc made it the ideal location. With a Capacity of around 17,000 people it also meant that expenses wouldn't run too out of control while keeping a large sized audience. As well as this venue, a 'fan zone' will be constructed in the Haia square nearby to the Arena where people will be able to interact with the entrants in regular events and eachother while also being able to watch it live on a big screen. All of this easily accessed via the central subway line, buses or tram.

The other 2 venue choices were both rejected for multiple reasons. The first being the Ciotola del sole del cielo. While also located to the centre of Alasanti and the home of the Alasanti Pegasus football team, it was ultimately rejected as it was considered too big and expensive. With a capacity of 60,000 while it would have made a great place for a huge event the concerns over it seeming too empty or being able to fill the seats were too great, as well as potential scheduling problems with the football season in Solentoya. The final choice was the Miral Point Arena located close to the docks and sea front on the outskirts of Alasnti, With a similar capacity to that of the Coca Cola Arena (18,000) it was the main contender and had much going for it, such as good transport links connected to the centre and the beach front hotels. It was rejected as the choice due to concerns the venue wouldn't be finished in time. The Arena being newly built, there was still a lot of landscaping and local infrastructure work going on that may not have been finished in time.

Draw City Venue Capacity Notes
01 Alasanti Coca Cola Arena 17,000
02 Ciotola del sole del cielo 60,000
03 Miral Point Arena 18,000

Stage DesignEdit

Stage-design wlsc205

Stage design

During the press conference held on the 25th September, the stage concept design for the contest has officially been released. The ocnstruction started within the following days. The design featured an abstract design with a full LED back drop and a central entry point for singers. Behind the entry and LEDS was the greenroom which would become visible once the LEDS screens are turned of. As well as this, there was a full wrap around catwalk with a central fan zone area in the middle. The abstract 'shell' was also mobile so delegations have had greater room for freedom when putting their staging concepts together.

Presenters Edit

On the 27th it was announced that the trio of Gülşen, Saša Kovačević and Sofia Carson would be presenting the live shows, with Saša and Sofia acting as the main hosts while Gülşen would present from the greenroom. Both Sasa and Sofia are previous Solentoyan entrants to WLSC who have also won, Sofia being their last winner. Gülşen on the other hand is a popular tv host in the country.

It was later announced on the 28th that the famous actress Sofia Vergara was lined up to host however a schedule clash meant it wasn't possible, she instead hosted the live draw show to see in which quarter each country would participate.


Draw Nation Artist Song Place Points
01 Bigiciaflag Bigicia Friendly Fires Love Like Waves 13th 48
02 Endórë flag Endórë Kids Alive Bokura no bouken 14th 45
03 Oussou Empire Flag Oussou Empire Minelli x Inna Discoteka 07th 65
04 Flag of Il-Bidu Il-Bidu Aswad Shine 19th 39
05 Flag of Kimmystan Kimmystan Lady Gaga 911 15th 45
06 Roseland flagg Roseland Vanessa Mai Sommerwind 05th 69
07 Banan Flag Banan Mondo Grosso 惑星タントラ 17th 42
08 568FF155-DA97-4D04-8103-7AFE6A549A82 Effiland AURORA Forgotten Love 08th 57
09 Moisantialarge Moisantia Steps What The Future Holds 02nd 75
10 Utopolis flag Utopolis Shortparis KoKoKo 11th 52
11 Flag-0 Solentoya Doğukan Manço ft. Funda Yüzleşme 01st 77
12 Griffin-Empire-Flag Griffin Empire Jaagup Tuisk miinusprojekt 06th 67
13 ÜÜCS flag ÜÜCS Lily dreamy night 09th 55
14 Pyreica flag Pyreica Mako Coyote 10th 54
15 Nbs New Bander State Mishcatt Goofy 12th 49
16 Tanoiro-flag Tanoiro Maja Marković Ja mogu sve 03rd 71
17 Svobodnia Flag Svobodnia Ella Eyre New Me 16th 42
18 Tamausia&Deltanor flag Tamausia & Deltannor Marie Reim SOS 04th 69
19 Szimbaya small flag Szimbaya Kingdom Patricia Kelly Medicine 18th 23


  • Griffin representative Jaagup Tuisk and his song, miinusprojekt was sponsored and heavily promoted by Coca Cola Griffin. When it was announced that Coca Cola Arena will host the event, some speculations of Coca Cola and Solentoya setting up a victory for Griffin Empire.
  • The first entry that was announced by Solentoyan public broadcaster broke some rules of the contest and therefore had to be replaced. This was the second time a Solentoyan replacement entry won a contest.
  • Utopolitan delegation complained about the sound quality of Endórëan entry which resulted in a revamp.
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