Nation Song Contest

Map of Natia

Nation Song Contest takes place on a planet called Natia which bears a striking resemblance to Earth. Natia consists of 5 continents. NSC is held on the continent Norigin and only nations that geographically and politically belong to this continent are eligible to enter.

Norigin is divided into nine different regions which are further divided into numerous different nations, all with their unique cultural, political and social marks.

In total there are currently 60 nations on Norigin.


Highwind wind turbines with typical landscape

Highwind is a Minicontinent in the northeast. It's heavily urbanized and modern. Their citizens are known for political activism, pushing for social progress and environmentalism. Due to strong winds, countless wind turbines have become a staple element of the landscape. The climate ranges from warm temperate in southern islands to subpolar in the northern coast.


Sarpovia is a large desert traversed by tall mountain ranges. It is a harsh, dry area that sees record high temperatures in the valleys and record lows in the mountaintops. However, this doesn't discourage tourists from coming to marvel at its unique sceneries. The cities of Sarpovia make a stark contrast to the deserts—huge, bustling with life, and full of lights and entertainment.


Cityscape in Dasideal

Dasideal is by far the most technologically advanced province and economic leader. Technology in Dasideal is roughly thirty years ahead of all other provinces'. However, it is the province that suffered the most during the 1950 disaster, with entire parts of it sinking in the ocean and separating Highwind from the mainland. It is home to the longest river and largest mountain range.



Plains and hills in the central north are a sea of grass and farmlands. Less busy than Dassideala and not as wild as Galea, it's an idyllic, peaceful place, perfect to run away to. Technology has come without disrupting traditional lifestyles and modern buildings stand next to old architecture. The climate is mild, with distinct four seasons, slightly colder than average.


Castle on border of Horehronieland and Rumia

Galea is a place where time seems to have stopped. It's a land of castles, legends, hardy warriors and old traditions, and the seas are infamous for piracy. Most of Galea is covered by dense forest, with the exception of frozen tundra in the far north. It's one of the coldest regions; its climate ranges from temperate in the south to polar in the northern archipelagos.


Typical landscape of Glasollimbrier

Living in the center of the continent, people of Glassolimbrier have always been trading goods and exchanging ideas with all the other regions. Thus, over the centuries the region has become a melting pot of various cultures. Its landscapes range from steppes in the west to forests in the east. The climate is warm temperate, bordering on tropical in the south.

Rievs du Soleil

Rievs du Soleil cities are known for their vibrant night life

Rievs du Soleil is a tropical paradise at the southernmost edge of the continent. Its long coast is characterised by sandy beaches and the cities are known for vibrant nightlife. These, along with the hot tropical climate, make Rievs du Soleil a popular tourist destination. Venturing inland, there is a mixture of tropical rainforests, savannas and deserts.


Chiaran city where the legend of Chiara monster originated from.

Chiara is a large island in the southeast. Its name comes from a legendary sea monster said to dwell in the deeps and cause earthquakes when it roars. Chiara has distinct culture, full of color, festivals and exotic cousine. Its influence has reached further than the island and today the region includes some of the mainland, from green temperate forests in the north, to the hot, dry south.

Norigin (region)

Sharing its name with the continent, Norigin is the cradle of civilization and birthplace of NSC. It is home to the founding members and many of the world's oldest countries, most of them no longer participating in the contest. Remains of once great nations can be found throughout the region. Geographically it is a large plain in the far west with a warm temperate climate.

An old map of Natia

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