Date: 24th July - 24th July

Countries involved, even minor links:

Kostanovia, Kingdom of Eras, Horehronieland (provided assitance), Zaprya (provided assistance), Scorpionia (started war), Calypso, QuienDQ, Alinta, FSR KOP!JA (provided weapons), Tohru, Ecclestonia, Astique.

Ended: 24th July. Zaprya pulled the atomic bomb.

Early daysEdit

Scorpionia began a war with Alinta. Seeing a valuable opportunity for money, Kostanovia invaded Kingdom of Eras which is directly between Kostanovia and Scorpionia. Part of the country was used to rent to Scorpionia to protect weapons and citizens, the rest used to mine for gold. Kingdom of Eras became under Kostanovian Dictatorship.

Black smokeEdit

When Gold was taken out of the country and returned to Kostanovia, a mysterious black smoke surrounded Eras, causing the islands to sink. Kostanovia had no choice but to use submarines to secure the rest of the gold. When the smoke began to sink submarines to the bottom of the ocean, Horehronieland stepped in to rescue the submarines and gold for a cut. With Eras clean of gold, Kostanovia and Horehronieland cash in!

Stolen buildings?Edit

Kostanovia was pelted by storms, apparently by the cursed gold, but they the gold to build new, advanced infrastructure able to withstand all distasters - even the atomic bomb Zaprya developed.

Major eventsEdit

- Eras people shoot Kostanovian planes and boats as a revolt. The Kostanovian government react by ordering all Kostanovians in Eras to seek refugee in Zaprya as they were unsafe in Eras, sneaking out through the west into Horehronieland and south. The region was under strong military control.

- Astique attempted to make peace by coming to Eras on a flying bicycle. They were unable to make it though as they were shot down whilst flying over Scorpionia mistaken to be a UFO.

- A commerical jet from QuienDQ was shot down by Eras believed to be a Kostanovian military plane.

- It was agreed that Kostanovia would make sure Monrose arrive in Calypso safely after being held on lockdown in Ecclestonia.

- Sudjour became the last continent to join the war when QDQ declared war on Kostanovia in defence of Eras.

- Kostanovia offered QuienDQ the South-eastern part of Eras to QuienDQ, asking in return that they do not interfer. They decline and threaten to wipe Kostanovia off the planet.

- QuienDQ provide Eras with bombs, but bluffed that every important Kostanovian building is rigged with a bomb - which was impossible as no one was allowed to leave or enter Kostanovia due to protection from Horehronieland.

- The QuienDQ president was kidnapped by Scorpionia. Once all bombs planted in Eras were deactivated, he was then assassinated. The Northern portion of Eras was donated to Scorpionia as a thank you.

- Zaprya pulled an atomic bomb ending the war.

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