Zombira is a microstate nation that lies in the centre of the Northern continent. It started participated in the Nation Song Contest from NSC 10


Zombira join nsc in nsc 10 as a microstate and got promoted to full state before nsc 15. Best results so far in nsc have been 2nd place in nsc 12 and 1st place in nsc language spinoff.


Zombira is located where Venera once used to be. Zombirian capital is Netherwing with 1,3 million people. Netherwing was the only city of the microstate. But when Zombira was promoted to full state, some more cities were created. The other biggest cities currently are Rock City with 0,7 million people and Pataland with 0,4 million people. The total population of Zombira is 3 millions.

Participation in NSCEdit

NSC 10Edit

Nsc 10 was the first and only time so far when Zombira have had internal selection. The chosen song was by 30 seconds to mars. It was hugely popular in Zombira, but ended last in microstates prequal.

NSC 11Edit

The nsc 11 entry by Zombira was Worst Day Ever by Simple Plan. It managed to qualify from the microstates prequal, but did very bad in the semi.

NSC 12Edit

Nsc 12 was the most sucessful nsc for Zombira. Amaranth by Nightwish managed to win the microstates qualification and semi final, but ended 2nd in the final.

NSC 13Edit

In nsc 13 Zombira had an all Estonian nf. Agent M with Šhokolaad won. They were very close to qualifying to the semi final, but in the end they were the last one out.

NSC 14Edit

In nsc 14 Zombiran nf was once again won by their most sucessful artist, Nightwish. This time with the song Bye Bye Beutiful. It got very dissapointing results and didn't qualify to the final.

NSC 15Edit

This was the first timee Zombira entered as a full state. The song Angels by Within Temptation qualified to the final.

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